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Change screen resolution on your iPad (increase or decrease with zoom in/out)

As mentioned in another tutorial, your iPad has a fixed screen resolution in pixels, by default. So the question is, "can you change your iPad screen resolution?" The answer is yes and no, as you'll learn in this tutorial. No, because Apple doesn't currently support multiple screen resolutions on the iPad - in other words, the 1024x768 pixels resolution for the iPad display (monitor) is fixed, except to the extent that you can rotate to invert height and width (and their respective resolution sizes). But your iPad also comes in with an accessibility feature that allows you to zoom in and zoom out from the image currently on screen with a couple finger gestures.

Zoom in and zoom out on your iPad

This is how you enable zooming in and out for your iPad screen:

  • Click on the iPad Home button First, "minimize" all your apps by clicking on the Home button, as shown on the screenshot on the left. This will show your Home screens, in which you'll need to find the "Settings" icon - a triple gear button.
  • As soon as you tap on the iPad Settings, a new screen will open, with the "General" options selected by default - this is the screen you want to be looking at. Scroll all the way to the bottom, and look at the last big block of settings, and tap on the "Accessibility" submenu, as shown below:

    Open the accessibility settings and options on your iPad
  • In the next screen, your iPad will display several accessibility features and options; tap on "Zoom".
  • The zoom functionality is disabled by default, which means that your iPad cannot in effect increase or decrease its screen resolution: but tap once on the On/Off switch in the zoom settings, and zooming should now be enabled for your iPad (and marked as turned "On", as is the case pictured on the image below).

    Enable zoom to decrease or increase screen resolution on iPad
  • Notice below the On-Off switch for zooming, your iPad lists the three commands related to zooming. While this does not quite replace the actual ability to change your iPad screen resolution, it allows you to magnify everything on screen as needed, with a simple finger gesture!

iPad Tip: Keep in mind that several applications actually include the screen resolution changing functionality built-in. This is separate from the global screen resolution, which is customized (or not) at the iPad device level itself. Never hesitate to email app developers ideas (like ability to change screen resolution) that make their applications more competitive and feature rich.

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