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Welcome to, ultimate tutorials resource on Apple's i ecosystem of software and hardware, including iTunes, the iPhone, iPod classic/touch/nano/shuffle, and the iPad - whether you use Windows or Mac OS X.


iTunes Our first iEcosystem tutorials cover iTunes, Apple's piece of software available for free to both Mac and Windows users - central to managing music, audiobooks, podcasts, especially in conjunction with "i" devices like the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod lineup. After installing iTunes (on Windows) and learning how to customize it, these tutorials explain how to organize your music, import / export songs and playlists, use the iTunes online store, syncing your iPods, etc. iTunes Tutorial
Change iTunes password
Change iTunes email address
Change iTunes credit card
Disable iTunesHelper.exe
Send gifts from iTunes store
Rename iTunes songs/albums
iTunes Mini Player


iPad Besides iPods and iPhone, you'll learn how to make the best of Apple's latest portable device, namely the iPad tablet: we'll start with iPad tutorials for beginners, and progressively move on to more technical and advanced tutorials to bring everyone up to speed. Here's the content of our iPad Tutorial, which covers Mac OS X and Windows 7 / Vista / XP as applicable. iPad Tutorial
Disable / lock iPad rotation
Change iPad sound volume
Change Apple ID email on iPad
Take screenshot on iPad
Change iPad font size & zoom

Now the most popular MP3 / music / media players on the market, Apple's iPod lineup has at least one iPod to satisfy everyone: the amazing iPod touch, the iPod nano (the most functionality in the smallest package combo), the super storage iPod classic (ideal for iTunes backup and travels), and the ultra portable iPod shuffle.

iPod nano

5th generation iPod nano We'll start our tutorials with the iPod nano. From the standpoint of portability and features, the "nano" is truly an amazing gadget: as you'll discover in our iPod nano tutorials, calling it an "MP3 Player" is inaccurate, if not downright insulting! The latest nano comes with a built-in microphone, camera, FM (radio) tuner, and an accelerometer (like the iPhone and iPod touch). This type of hardware specs bring the iPod nano much closer to a full-fledged PDA! Let's start learning more about the nano in the following introductory tutorials for beginners, which gradually build up your knowledge to more advanced topics. iPod nano Tutorial
Loop / repeat all on iPod nano
Create playlists for iPod nano
Set sleep timer on iPod nano
Restore nano to factory settings
Screen brightness on iPod nano
Find iPod nano serial number
Restart frozen iPod nano

iPod shuffle

iPod shuffleOne of the oldest MP3 players in Apple's iPod lineup, the iPod shuffle is one of the clearest signs that Apple listens to its customers: when the 3rd generation iPod shuffle moved away from the click wheel and small square form factor of the gen 2 shuffle, a disappointed reception brought back as 4th generation iPod shuffle an even better version of the second generation player! In our iPod shuffle tutorial, you will get a thorough overview of everything that deceptively simple iPod has to offer. iPod shuffle Tutorial
Register & activate iPod shuffle
Delete music from iPod shuffle
Use iPod shuffle VoiceOver
Unlock / Lock iPod shuffle
iPod shuffle sound problems
Limit max volume on iPod shuffle

Tutorial last updated on September 6, 2012

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