iPod shuffle Tutorial

Welcome to our iPod shuffle Tutorial!

Current generation iPod shuffle and previous versions After a tepid reception to the iPod shuffle 3rd generation, Apple has returned to its root with the 4th gen iPod shuffle, which looks mostly like the second generation shuffle, with an even smaller form factor. In this series of tutorials, you will learn how to use and customize your iPod shuffle; while these tutorials focus on the latest (current) generation, many of them will also apply to the 2nd generation, and to the 3rd generation shuffle when it comes to the "software" side of things.

Customize iPod shuffle settings in iTunes Size and price make the iPod shuffle the most affordable and portable audio device from Apple, used by many simply as a music / MP3 player for their fitness routines; but, as you'll learn in these tutorials, there is much more to know about the shuffle. Like its previous iteration, the fourth generation iPod shuffle includes the "VoiceOver" feature, which allows you to read aloud song name, as well as playlists names. In addition to the hardware, you will learn how to customize your iPod shuffle options and settings right from within iTunes, as shown on the left screenshot.

iPod shuffle Tutorials for Beginners

The following pages don't assume any familiarity with the iPod shuffle or iTunes, but you will need to download and install iTunes on your computer first (either an Apple desktop or laptop running Mac OS X, or a PC running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7). We'll get started with the very basics, and show you what to do and what happens when you first plug in your shuffle to your computer, and gradually move on to more advanced topics, like customizing the behavior of your iPod, automatically adding songs or podcasts to the device (called "sync options"), and much more to come!

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