iPod nano Tutorial

Welcome to our iPod nano Tutorial! — Especially given its tiny size, the iPod nano is one of the most feature-packed media player on the market today. In fact, calling the nano an "MP3 player" doesn't do it justice at all. The latest iPod nano (fifth generation) comes with an array of new features, briefly covered in the remainder of this tutorial.

iPod nano 5th Generation - the latest version

At this time (May 2010), the iPod nano fifth generation is the latest version of the nano: it comes in an 8Gb model and a 16Gb model; both include a built-in video camera and an FM tuner to listen to radio on the go. It is hands down the best nano to date. The fact that the nano comes with "SSD" flash drive means that it is completely silent, and highly durable (iPod Classic is the only iPod left that uses a mechanical hard drive - this will not stay the case too long, seeing how fast flash memory's costs plummet). This is also what allowed Apple to fit 8-16Gb in such a small package. The number of features it packs is impressive, and throughout these iPod nano tutorials you will likely find out (as we did!) about functionality you didn't even know was available. This is mostly it for the hardware side: our iPod nano tutorials focus mostly on the software side of the equation, which most people care about anyway.

iPod nano features overview

The iPod nano is a truly amazing gadget

  • The iPod nano comes with an internal speaker: this means that you can listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, or the radio without headphones. The sound quality won't blow you away, but have basic speakers integrated is very nice. As you'll discover in that tutorial, your iPod nano can wake you up thanks to its built-in speaker.
  • The iPod nano comes with a built-in, internal microphone: you can record voice memos (audio notes) from your MP3 / media player! A later tutorial will explain how to just that with your nano.
  • The latest iPod nano also includes a camera; coupled with the microphone, you can get decent videos with sound in that small package. A tutorial will be dedicated to using the camera to record mini movies, and tips to make the most of the video quality from the start, without having to use post-production video editing software.
  • The nano comes with a built-in FM tuner (radio), which can be paused live - a later tutorial will explain this feature in detail. Only downside: you cannot get AM stations, but integrated radio is a welcome addition nonetheless.
  • iPod nano comes with an accelerometer, like the iPhone and iPod touch - this allows you to have a pedometer built right in, no need to purchase additional software or hardware.

These are just some of the most noteworthy features that come with the latest iPod nano, all of which will be covered in details in these and upcoming tutorials. Let's get started learning more about the new iPod nano:

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