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Customize your iPod nano's Music menu

Much like you can configure your iPod nano's Main Menu, and choose which items to show or hide from the home screen, Apple lets you can customize your Music menu: this is the menu you see after selecting "Music" from the home screen ("main menu"). This is the menu which, by default, shows you Cover Flow, Genius Mixes, Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Composers, Audiobooks, and Search. In other words, the menu you are likely to use all the time to access and find audio content. If you prefer to search from the Main Menu, like we do, you can hide Search from the Music menu, and show it only on the home screen - and save space in the Music menu for other items. Let's start customizing our iPod nano's Music menu:

Add or remove (show or hide) items from your iPod nano's Music menu

Here's how you can configure which commands appear inside your Music menu:

  • If needed, go back to the Main Menu (home screen)
  • Scroll down and select Settings
  • Go to the "General" options
  • Select "Music Menu"

The iPod nano's Music Menu settings simply contains a listing of all the items you can possibly add to the menu; each of the items currently displayed inside your Music menu are flanked with a checkmark symbol. To show an item in the Music menu, scroll to select it, and click on Center button: this will place a checkmark next to the command/item, and make it visible on the Music menu; to hide or remove an item from the Music menu, proceed the same way: scroll to the item to hide, and click on Center button to uncheck it - the checkmark disappears, and the item in question will no longer show inside your Music menu.

The only item that doesn't appear by default on the Music menu is "Compilations" - this allows you to see all music albums that are compilations (contain songs from different artists inside the same album). So, in most cases, you will end up hiding stuff from the Music menu.

Reset your iPod nano' Music menu

The last option displayed inside the Settings > General > Music Menu options is "Reset Menu" - if you select it, your iPod nano will show you a final confirmation screen with a "last-chance" question: "Do you want to reset the music menu? - This will restore your music menu to its original state", which, we know by now, means everything showing on the menu except "Compilations".

Choose the Reset or Cancel button to return to the Music menu settings. Going back to the home screen, your changes will be visible inside the Music menu the next time you use it.

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