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Turn on / Enable Bluetooth on your iPad

Bluetooth allows you to connect external devices to your iPad that would otherwise not work with the pin connector at the bottom of the device, like keyboards, mice, and other peripherals. Since Bluetooth is disabled by default, this tutorial explains how to turn it on, or enable Bluetooth, on your iPad.

Turn on Bluetooth on your iPad

Follow these steps to enable Bluetooth and find devices to pair with your iPad:

  • Click on the iPad Home button Click on the "Home" button, and flick through Home screens until you find the "Settings" icon: then tap on it.
  • Once the iPad Settings screen loads, tap on the "General" settings on the left (should be automatically selected).
  • In the third group of preferences, you will find "Bluetooth" listed right under Network: notice that your iPad also displays the current "Bluetooth state" - if it says "Off", this means that Bluetooth is currently disabled.
  • To enable it, tap on "Bluetooth", and your iPad will load a screen containing a single On/Off switch.
  • Tap on it to turn on Bluetooth, and the iPad will start searching for Bluetooth-enabled devices to pair with.
  • To connect a Bluetooth devices with your iPad, simply start by tapping on its name/description.

If you decide that you want to turn off Bluetooth to save battery life, just follow the steps outlined above, and this time hit on the switch to turn it off; obviously, any external device that depends on Bluetooth to work with your iPad will no longer work until you manually re-enable Bluetooth.

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Unless noted otherwise, these free iPad tutorials apply to Wi-Fi model and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models, and updated to cover iOS 4.

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