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Change time zone on your iPad

When you first setup your iPad through iTunes, it will automatically display the same date, time and time zone as your Mac or Windows PC. But this is only the default setting, and can be change at any time, from your iPad itself. This tutorial explains how:

  • Click on the iPad Home button Click on the "Home" button, and flick through Home screens until you find the "Settings" icon: then tap on it.
  • Once the iPad Settings screen loads, tap on the "General" settings on the left (should be automatically selected).
  • Then, in the fifth block of preferences, tap on "Date & Time" button.
  • Your iPad will list the date and time options: tap on the second button, labeled "Time Zone" (notice it also displays the current time zone you're in, based on a major city of choice representing it, like "Chicago" for Central Time - even if you happen to be sweatin' in full Texas summer).

  • The next screen displays a text field, that includes the current city representing your time zone; tap on the "x" button inside the search field to clear it, and start typing the name of a major city in your area: keep in mind that not all cities are listed, so you may need to play around until you find one  for your time zone.
  • Even before you have finished typing a city for time zone, you will be able to tell if your iPad knows about it, since it will try to auto-complete the city name as you type (surprisingly, you cannot type a state name).
  • Tap on the city name that matches your intent, and your iPad will use that city's time zone, return to the previous screen (Date & Time Settings), and display the new city name inside the "Time Zone "button.
  • ... And you have successfully changed time zone on your iPad!

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Unless noted otherwise, these free iPad tutorials apply to Wi-Fi model and iPad Wi-Fi + 3G models, and updated to cover iOS 4.

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