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Turn off / disable the click wheel's Clicker sounds on your iPod nano

By default, your iPod nano makes a "click" noise whenever you use the menu commands and the wheel - the clicker sound, as Apple calls it. While it is a nice audio feedback system, these click noises can be undesirable in many situations (at work, in class, at the library, etc.) In this tutorial, we will show you how to disable or turn off the clicker sounds on your iPod nano. The clicks are audible either through your headphones (cannot be heard from beyond that), or through the nano's internal speaker when headphones are not connected (in other words, no click noises audible by the outside if you have headphones on).

Disable the Clicker sound

The settings let you stop your iPod nano from making these click sounds: go to your home screen (click "Menu" until you are at the top of the menus). Then, scroll down to Settings and click; select General to load your iPod preferences. The first option, labeled "Clicker", displays a value of On next to it; make sure that Clicker is the currently selected option, and click on the Center button (middle).

Your iPod nano should now read "Clicker - Off" at the top of the General options screen. To confirm, you can simply scroll up and down: you should now notice a completely silent iPod! That's all it takes to silence your nano's clicker sounds; when you want to make the change later on, and restore the click noises, simply go back to Settings > General > Clicker, and turn it back to On.

iPod nano Tip: Keep in mind that the more functionality you have turned off (like clicker sounds or brightness), the longer the battery life of your iPod nano will be between charges. Clicker sounds have a minor impact on battery life (unlike backlight settings and brightness settings, for example).

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