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Reset your iPod nano to "Factory settings" (Restore all original settings)

As time passes and you customize settings on your iPod nano, you may want to reset all settings to "Factory Settings", or the state of your brand new iPod nano, when you received and unpacked it. Resetting all customization is very easy, but fortunately difficult to do by accident. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to quickly restore all your iPod nano's options and preferences. (Note that if you changed your iPod nano language setting by accident, no need to restore the entire iPod: restore the original language of your nano.)

Reset your iPod nano to factory settings

To restore all settings on your iPod nano:

  • First, go to the home screen (Main Menu)
  • Scroll down and select Settings
  • Scroll to the very bottom, and click on "Reset Settings"
  • Your iPod nano loads a final confirmation screen that reads: "Do you want to reset your iPod? This will reset all your settings. Your synced content will not be modified", with two buttons at the bottom.
  • To backtrack without resetting anything, go back to the Settings screen, just press your Click Wheel's Center button to click on Cancel button, or press Up (the menu button)
  • To proceed and reset your iPod, scroll counter clockwise to select the Reset button, and click it

Your iPod nano immediately restore everything to "factory settings", and brings you back to the most important screen, where you will choose the language of your nano. Scroll as needed, and click on the language of your choice. Your iPod brings you back to the Settings screen, displayed in the language chosen, with all options back to their original configuration.

As mentioned in the confirmation message, your iPod nano still retains all your music, audiobooks, playlists, videos, pictures, movies, and other data. The only changes are in the iPod's behavior, which items are visible or hidden from the Main Menu or Music menu, etc.

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