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How much free space is left on your iPod nano? (Current storage capacity)

How much free storage space is left on your iPod nano? You probably know by now that this information is available as soon as you plug your iPod into your computer and iTunes automatically opens. iTunes gives you not only the amount of used space and free space left, but also the breakdown of disk space usage:

Disk space usage on your iPod nano, in iTunes
But total capacity and available space are also available on your nano itself, no need to connect it to iTunes to know how much more you can store on it! Your iPod will even give you the same break down summary (how much space is used for which type of data).

Get disk usage and current capacity levels for your iPod nano

Here's how you can see your current disk usage from the iPod nano itself:

  • Go to the Main Menu (home screen)
  • Scroll down and select "Settings" from the menu
  • Select "About", the first option listed
  • Your iPod now lists a summary screen, including first the number "gigabytes used", followed by a graphical representation of disk space usage (and empty space in white)

Like iTunes, your iPod also gives you the breakdown by media type: number of Kb (kilobytes), Mb (megabytes), and Gb (gigabytes) for "Audio" (including music, audiobooks, podcasts...), for "Video", "Photos", and "Other". The last line of the summary indicates, numerically this time, how much free space is left on the iPod.

Tip: An empty 8Gb iPod nano contains* 8,000Mb of free space (1,000Mb inside 1Gb), and 16,000Mb for the 16Gb nano. In the big picture, any used space expressed in kilobytes (Kb) is negligible.

Note that the actual amount of free space will never be quite 8Gb or 16Gb, since some space is used for the iPod's operating system (software), notes, legal agreement, configuration files, etc.

And, as a final tip: If, while on the disk usage summary screen, you click on the Right button of the Click Wheel, the next screen will give you a breakdown of items: how many songs, videos, podcasts, iTunes U items, photos, games, and contacts are currently stored in your iPod nano. Press the Right button once more, and you will find your iPod's serial number, model, and version.

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